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KDAB- Liaison Office, Dhaka

Control and coordinate all kind of liaison. KDAB high authority has operated liaison office. Liaison office has coordinated all project work as well as the staff from this office. Liaison office tries to achieve KDAB goal and implements our activities to communicate government administrative office and donors. The main work, which is mainly liaison office, has completed are as follow:

a. To complete all necessary work between homes and aboard.
b. Prepare verity report and proposal as per need of KDAB
c. Communicate with government office like NGO Bureau, Ministry, DC office and others government office and provide them KDAB update information as per need of this institution.
d. communicate all donors for necessary of our fund and others update information.
e. Appointment of KDAB staff , controlling and monitoring.
f. Take necessary action to implement the plan, which is taken KDAB executive committee and managing committee.

After all of this KDAB liaison office has taken necessary action to finish others important organizational work.

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