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Project Visit - Victory Day

Project Visit

Teachers &participants at the upazila level display on 16th December, 2019.

Ulipur School judged the BEST performed school and headmaster Ashraf receiving the crest from Chief Guest.

Victory Celebration of Ulipur School

Victory Celebration.

Country Director thanked headteacher, teachers& students of Ulipur School for their good performance.

Christmas celebration service at chapel of Ulipur on 17 December.

Hostel students performing at Christmas program.

Our Hostel students with their home parents

Hostel students performing during Christmas Program on 17 December

Only sponsor boy offering gifts to others at Home.

Only sponsor girl offering gifts to her other mates in hostel.

TaiKondo practice for Victory Day Parade – Ulipur students.

Ulipur student performance at Victory Day Parade, 16 December.

Pre Christmas Program on 19th December, 2019 at Dhaka office

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