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About KDAB


Korean Development Association in Bangladesh (KDAB) is an International non-government organization, which work’s for the social, economical, cultural, educational, health, training, rehabilitation & mental development for the people of Bangladesh since many years.

KDAB was established at 1987. After the establishment the organization has overcome many troubles and continues its work for the betterment of the disadvantaged people of the Bangladesh. It has worked mainly for Education, Health, Training & Rehabilitation to the disadvantaged peoples to change their social and economic life style. KDAB has started to implement its 5th phase work plan for the year 2012 – 2016. In the light of the experience of last 4 phases work in Bangladesh KDAB has done various steps to increase the skills of Staffs and actual self-sufficiency for the beneficiary of its working area. Another most important plan for this 5th phase is to build up local leadership who can be the real leader to lead the nation for economic and social development of the country. KDAB is registered under NGO Affairs Bureau (Registration no-334 Dated-03-01-1990) of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh as well as foreign ministry of the Republic of Korea no-333. KDAB works in the spirit of Self-reliance, Self-help, Co-operation, Faith, Hope and Love.



1985- KDAB Dhaka Liaison office is opened.
1987- KDAB established at Dhaka City.
1988- Republic of Korea Office is opened and formed Governing body of Korea.
1989- Started of Dhaka International Music School.
1990- KDAB registered by Government of Bangladesh.
– Started of Chilmary Canan Training School and Agricultural project.
1991- Started of Dhaka garment training project.
1992- Opened of Chilmary Clinic and Started of Community Health Care project.
– Started of Ulipur Leprosy Rehabilitation Project.
1993- Started of Chilmary Primary School Project.
1993- Started of Dhaka New sprout School Project.
1997- Opened of USA office at Chicago City.
1998- Registered by Korean Government KDAB as an international NGO.
1999- Started of Dhaka and Chilmary Computer Training Project.
2005- Started of Ulipur Primary School project.
2007- Started of Chilmary and Ulipur High School as well as Nursery School project (2011).
2010- Started of Ulipur Computer training project.

2010- Gymnasium stablished at Chilmari.

2011- Started of Anjaly Gram Project at Ulipur.

2015- Gymnasium stablished at Ulipur.

2016- Approved Chilmari Canaan Junior School. EIIN No- 136546.

2016- Approved Ulipur Canaan Junior School. EIIN No- 136547.

2018- Started of Chilmari Canaan High School and College.

2019- Approved Chilmari Canaan High School. EIIN No- 136546.

2019- Approved Ulipur Canaan High School. EIIN No- 136546.

2022- KDAB Liaison office from Dhaka Shifted to Chilmari.



The goal of KDAB is to assist in achieving self-sufficiency and to improve social economic and cultural emancipation of the unprivileged through patriotism and local leadership.



In order to acheive KDAB’s goal, it is believed that self-realization and quality development of the beneficiaries will enhance through the implementation of the following areas which will assure them a sustainable development.
1. Beneficiaries need to be well equipped with adequate knowledge, awareness, skills and institutional facilities so that they can be developed by themselves.
2. They should have easy educational facilities to contribute themselves into the main stream of a healthy development of the country.
3. They should be technically, vocationally and culturally trained for a balanced economic, cultural and social development.
4. They should have the opportunity for their economic development so that they can be economically sound and self-reliant.
5. They should have the opportunity to develop local leadership.