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Chilmary Community Development Program.

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KDAB community Development program-(Chilmary) is started since 1992. When KDAB has started its medical services in this rural areas before that the general people’s of this area if they need any medical treatment they should go to District head quarter distance from this upazila near 32 km. KDAB is provided a proper medical services all the people’s of this area. At the beginning though the working area is not big but now KDAB has tried to ensure the entire patient’s hygienic psychical treatment under this program. The patient has got general and surgical treatment from her by KDAB experts home and abroad doctors. Per year near about 2000 general patients and 500 surgical patients have received medical services from KDAB. KDAB not only provide general and surgical treatment but also provide the followings services under this program

(a) Medical Support

  • Indoor Treatment: The beneficiaries of this project have several type of general health serves from KDAB own hospital indoors medical support.
  • Out Door treatment: Whole peoples of this areas are provided from here primary heath services from here through out door treatment.
  • Dental Treatment: All kinds of dental treatment provide from this hospital.
  • Provide heath services through Mobile Clinic: We have provided a flying treatment team who are going door to door and provide treatment especially the beneficiaries of island people.
  • School Heath Program: All the students of KDAB School would get heath services under this program.
  • Special Treatment (General): Beside of regular treatment KDAB has arranged special Treatment (general) for the beneficiaries of the project area through expert doctors from home/ abroad.
  • Special treatment (Surgery): KDAB has provided special treatment (surgical), the patients of Tumor operation, eye operation, leaps operation and all the gynecological problem of women has operated under this project.
  • Training on family planning: Illetarate peoples of this area have provide family planning training to control bath rate as well as to get knowledge of well health.
  • Under five cares EPI: New born baby and child have got the service like several kinds of tika, vaccine by the help of government.
  • ¬†Pregnant mother care: This Services have provided to the pregnant women through this program.
  • Nutrition care- Between 5 years children supplied nutrition food as well as trained their guardian how to grow or prepare this kind of food.
  • X-Ray: According to the doctor prescription, KDAB provides x-ray services for the patients.


School Program:


(b) Canan Primary School:
KDAB Canan Primary School is situated Chilmary Upazila under Kurigram district since 1994, the School is running well with full attention of teaching from nursery to five classes with modern education. Last year 300 students received education and finished their study from this School. Last year the passing rate of this school 100% of PSC examination.

(c) Canan High School:
To Consider of local demand KDAB has established a high school to ensure balance education for the beneficiaries of these areas. Now 160 students has continue there study from class six to class nine. It will be promoting for the class ten to the necessarily of the rural people.

(d) Local leadership training:
KDAB provide local leadership training for the younger and local representative and arrange overseas training to empower then.

(e) Scholarship:
A large number of students have been getting scholarship to complete there study.

(f) Canan farmers self motivate summit:
KDAB has operated a cooperative so that the women of these areas can empower economically.

(g) Computer Training Centre:
Bangladesh government declared that now Bangladesh is the way of digital revolution for so KDAB want to fulfill this dream by provide root level computer training so that the villagers can get training of computer and will develop himself to use computer skill.

(h) Poultry Farm:
KDAB has a poultry farm so that the beneficiaries can empower by himself to use this poultry training.

(i) Fisheries Farm: KDAB provides fisheries training for the beneficiaries so that they can cultivate fish to their own pond for their economical empowerment.

(j) Farming Livestock( Agriculture) :
The beneficiaries have also provide a lot of cultivation training so they can grow more crops or cultivate mango, coconut, guava, papaw and other fruits plants and sell it to the local market and earn money.

(k) Nursery:
KDAB has directing a nursery program so that the beneficiaries can get verities tree plants and training how to grow tree plant and take part of governmental tree plantation program.

(l) Environmental Development:
Under this program, KDAB has provided tube well for safe water and distributed lectern for hygienic environment.

(m) Training:
KDAB has arranged several type of training to change beneficiary’s skill, knowledge, attitude and behavior so that they can build up their conscious to related work and lead a better life.

(n) Sports Training:
KDAB has arranged several training like football, cricket, basketball, handball as well as taikando so that the students can be health and safe.

(o) Water Treatment Plant:
Under this program, we have distributed student as well as the beneficiary’s safe drinking water from modern water treatment plant.

(p) Emergency:
An emergency time of natural or others we stand beside the general peoples of these areas to distribute relief like food, cloths, medicine, house, drinking water etc.