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Dhaka International Music School

Dhaka International Music School is the part of development. Culture is the main point of measurement of a nation overall development. The main view of this program is to be establisher our culture in international environment.

We coordinate our culture between international cultures through our home instrument & aboard instrument like staff notation as well as others modern musical instrument. Generally We use for this program Piano, Gutter, Violin ant others instrument for teaching and learning for the students as well as teacher. A large number of students of our institution have gone to abroad to exchange our culture in international cultural ceremony. They also established them in modern cultural world.

KDAB- International music school published several types of theatrical musical book and composition book for the student. This book is so much valuable for such like school and college. We have provided expert foreign teacher for the students so that the students can get basic knowledge of culture like song and music. Every year we have arranged a world stander concert in side Bangladesh for the betterment of our students.

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