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Nature of Program

KDAB is going to implement 6th Phase (KDAB-Community Development Project (2017-2021) by the permission and cooperation of NGO affairs bureau and have been working almost Bangladesh remote are Chilmary-Ulipur Upazila under Kurigram District as well as Shar-E-Bangla Nagar under capital city Dhaka for the empowering of beneficiaries . Ensuring basic human rights of general peoples of these working areas KDAB has provided the following services like Education, Health, Training, and Rehabilitation and to develop of local leadership through implementation modern several programs in these areas. Above all KDAB-Community Development Project is the best, which main objectives are to provide for the beneficiaries quality education, good health, Empowering, Training and rehabilitation. To fulfilled this goal KDAB has worked for the grass root level peoples, helpless peoples as well as the middle class people betterment and empowering in the society especially education, health, training, computer education, training, rehabilitation and to create local leadership since 1990 without restless to organize plan and implementation several project in these remote/ island areas.

On the other side, KDAB has been working for the betterment of the people of capital city who are not getting the proper nursing of government. New sprout school program is another program where the beneficiaries can get proper primary education, computer training. The student can get scholar ship so that they can continue their higher education.

Bangladesh is a cultural develops country. It has an ancient history and tradition of culture. KDAB has worked to keep and enrich this sector through KDAB international Music School that is situated Shea-r-Bangla Nagar thana under Mirpur. KDAB is only such like organization in Bangladesh where the students have received education by using international stander musical education and it is the main goal to establish our coulter into the excellent competition throughout the world.

KDAB-Community Development Project is included following 3 programs.

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