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Ulipur Community Development Program.

(a) There are a lot of leprosy patient of this project area. Beginning of KDAB is trying to serve for the betterment of this patient. Changing of mantel behavior KDAB has provided training for them. Who they are attacked by leprosy disease is so much neglected to the common people of the society. Therefore, KDAB try to take care of them by providing the following services:

1. Rehabilitation Activities
2. Training
3. Education
4. Health Services and General Treatment Activities

(b) Lepers employment:
KDAB gathered lepers patient who they have not the ability to work we provide work and give them money so that the can live and empower themselves economically and society.

(c) Medical Support:
To the necessary of leprosy patient KDAB has provided treatment as per need of patient and would give them medicine.

(d) Credit Union for Lepers:
KDAB organized Credit Union for the leper’s patient and family members. The leper’s patient as well as the family member will get credit from here easy and a normal interest. The can use the money as per need of their family.

(e) Scholarship for the children of Lepers:
A large number of students have scholarship to complete there higher study under this program.

(f) Kanan Primary School:
KDAB Kanan Primary School is situated Ulipur Upazila under Kurigram district. Since 1994, the School is running well with full attention of teaching from nursery to five classes with modern education curriculum. Last year 200 students received education from our School. Last PSC examination the passing rate of this school 100%.

(g) Kanan High School:
To Consider of local demand KDAB has established a high school to ensure balance education for the beneficiaries of these areas since 2011. Now 32 students has continue there study from class six to class nine. It will be promoted to class ten for the necessary of the rural people.

(h) Hostel:
KDAB has a student’s hostel to own project compound. There have 16 lepers family student who have been getting food, cloths, medicine, educational materials from KDAB without money.

(i) Seminar/ Workshop:
Capacity building for lepers patient KDAB arranges a several type of seminar and workshop for the patients and others beneficiaries.

(j) Special medical treatment (General & Surgery):
KDAB has provided special treatment (general & surgical) the leprosy patients and others beneficiaries under this project. If the patients need operation KDAB will provide operation for them like eye operation, leaps operation and all the gynecological problem of women has operated under this project.

(k) Computer Training Centre:
Bangladesh government declared that now Bangladesh is the way of digital revelation for so KDAB want to fulfill this dream by provide root level computer training so that the villagers can get training of computer and will develop himself to use computer skill.

(l) Swinging Training:
The women who have no work for their establishment KDAB has provided swaging training and distributed swinging matching for empowering them economically.

(m) Sports Training:
KDAB has arranged training like football, cricket, basketball, handball as well as taikando so that the students can be health and safe.

(n) Poultry Farm: KDAB has a poultry farm and training centre so that the beneficiaries can empower himself to get training to this farm.

(o) Fisheries Farm:
KDAB provides fisheries training for the beneficiaries so that they can cultivate fish to their own ponds for their economical empowerment.

(p) Agricultural Demonstration:
The beneficiaries have also provided lot cultivation training so they can grow more crops or cultivate mango, coconut, guava, papaw and other fruits plants and sell it to the local market and earn money.

(q) Nursery:
KDAB has directing a nursery program so that the beneficiaries can get verities tree plants and grow it so that they can take part of governmental tree plantation program.

(r) Water Treatment Plant:
Under this program, we have distributed student as well as the beneficiary’s safe drinking water from modern water treatment plant.

(s) Training for Village Animal Doctors:
It is a new program of KDAB where the beneficiaries will get long-term training for how they can treatment there domestic animals. After completing this training, the candidate would be an expert animal’s doctor.

(t) Emergency:
An emergency time of natural or others, disaster we stand beside the general peoples of these areas to distribute relief like food, cloths, medicine, house, drinking water etc.